Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

I am glad, though i am so busy these days, but i spent my Christmas with my family and offered my precious time to serve GOD by joining church choir team. I hadnt have much fun and happenings this year for christmas, because i am mentally and physically tired most of the time. Had no extra time to think and plan for any fun these days.
Thinking of one year back, i didnt attend Christmas church service and it was a shame. I was in KL preparing for Christmas Shopping. Two years back, i went for celebrating christmas in KL and Singapore, countdown for the big day with the crowds, yes it was very much fun, but i knew it was also a shame because i couldnt wake up to attend christmas church service too. I had gave myself so many excuses. Christmas supposed to be the day that Christians are celebrating the born of Jesus Christ, to spread the good news to peoples. But it was too much of commercial influence for Christmas these days, and i knew that i was very much tempted for all these happening events and forget about the true meaning of christmas supposed to be.
So, I was really glad that i am now spending my time to serve God now, though i cant do much but i will try my best!  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

How to make a balance between work and life? i couldnt make it right now....
i work during working hours, but after working hours i still have no excuses for leaving them behind, those knowledge that i need to pick up one by one, i knew i couldnt do them in a day, i couldnt make myself perfect in a day, it takes time, and of course a lot of hardship.
I wouldnt force myself to study so hard during those college days, because at the end its just about the marks and grading which i dont care for too much, living life to the fullest had always be my priority,
But now my perspective had changed, it is a must for me to improve myself before this one year gone.
No matter how tired after work, there is no excuse to sleep early or take rest, because time is so limited, i wish i could have 48 hours a day now. its still a long road to go....

Sunday, December 9, 2012

my second week of working life

I must say that this week is not an easy week!
only the second week of working, not that my workload is a lot, but it because of the responsibilities that i have, i must work harder to be better.
i give up all the dance classes last week because i couldn't duplicate myself for so many tasks
Since the orientation ends, we never get to go home in time, reached home at 630 for the first day, 8pm next day after fetching mom from airport, and 7pm Friday. T.T
No OT can be claimed though...
But no matter how tiring it was, there is still responsibilities at home, still, the house chores must be carry on as usual. 
That's not yet the end, i need to study and revise to improve, and also complete the everyday task, which is to write medical review and the diary book to report our daily activities, and complete for the assignments gave by preceptor. This is so much for me, it stressed me up and i don't even feel like talking much at home those days, i had no more extra energy and time. Everyday is same tiring, even weekends. But i am telling myself not to have excuse not to serve God, trying my best to attend all the choir practices now. Hope that this coming week will be better and i can manage my time more effectively!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mixed feelings on the first week of work

Thanks God, i get my first posting in Miri, which is my first choice.
The moment had finally came, went to report duty at JKN Kuching this Monday, and the result had finally released at 1pm! Excited to knew that 3 out of 4 of us get posted to MGH, we got companions and not alone! :) i couldn't ask for more, when i get the chance to work with my best friends whom i had studied with, went for training together, used to stay together and have fun together! That's really good!
At the same day, we took the afternoon flight and flew back to Miri.
Working day started since the next morning!
Its just the orientation week for us, but i can feel the stress i had for myself....
working life isn't going to be easy, and i knew it, but to make a balance between your work and family, and even friends, that could be even harder.
i knew i couldn't ask for more, i am having my posting at my hometown, where i had EVERYTHING, that's true when i say it. i got the most important thing in my life which is my family, my priorities in life will always be my family. i don't need to find a place to stay, i doesn't need to find for transport, basically i have everything i need for living.
but why still stressed me up? its because i can feel that it wont be that easy to make a balance between them.
i used to spent most of my time for family, but now i left that little time after working hours, and tired, but i still need to fulfill my responsibility in the family. One day i will get really tired of these and get explode, and i don't want them to happen. even doing house chores can be that annoying, i used to love doing all these for my family because i love them much, serving them makes me happy. But now i am really tired to think of it, the moment that i wished i could have take a rest when i reached home after whole day of work, i also knew that i supposed to cook dinner for my family in the kitchen, because if i don't do so it will be mom's burden when she came home even late. i am just tired of those responsibilities i need to take.....
maybe sooner or later i will get used to it. However, I'm still ready to accept the challenges coming, no one is perfect, practice makes things get perfect. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


加上吃喝玩乐那段日子, 一共是整整的三个月多啊!!!

白天陪家人, 晚上约朋友

做人真的是不能闲着没事啊! 会疯掉啊~

托吴莞婷小姐的福, 邀约我学跳舞, 才让我终于提起劲去报名学肚皮舞! =D
还好,皇天不负苦心人啊, 千辛万苦, 我们终于找到了!!!
非常期待每次的舞蹈班!因为又可以学习新的东西啦 =)

另外, 我也决定加入美安堂的青年诗班.
要不然真的太惭愧了, 时间多到不知道怎么用的人竟然连那么一点也不能分配给上帝?

再来, 是破天荒的参加了每个星期六的青団康乐活动-打羽球
尽管如此, 时间还是很难过啊~
不知道自己会不会太久没用脑然后变笨??? @_@
这个长假, 应该接近尾声了,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trip to Penang

Our very short trip to Penang after the convocation :) Dad and Avin only stayed for one night and went back the next day. 
We stayed for few days to hunt for foods, looking around the island, and shop!

Breakfast of the day : Penang Dim Sum 

We didn't order much, sparing our stomach for the next meal! 

Buying foods at hawker stalls~

Beautiful scenery at Straits Quay

Me at the hotel lobby :)

The Famous Air Hitam Laksa

Teochew Cendol and Ice Kacang

Barry with his Penang laksa & cendol

Ice Kacang

O chean~ but this one is not nice. 
Too bad we are lack of time & didnt had chance to try other better o chean!

Breakfast in hotel 

Went to Him Heang to buy Penang most famous "Tambun bia" with mom, 
Thumbs up for their biscuit! fresh and yummy! we bought quite a lot and carry them back all the way to Miri~ 

Didn't have much time to hunt for more foods~ and our stomach have no more space to eat them too~ 
i wished we have more time for shopping too~ but time was limited....
will be visiting this island again in future!

Friday, October 19, 2012


我活的糊涂了! 竟然一直以为自己二十五岁了!!!
 一直一直的都这么认为啊!每当 别人问我几岁时我都这么回答...
直到上个星期, 在大家的提醒下,  我才恍然大悟.... 原来我今年还是二十四岁欸!!!!哇...是好事啊!! 真的是傻傻分不清楚~~
管它的~~活得开心就好嘛! =P

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Graduation day

I was very glad to see all my friends after the convocation, and happy that i finally graduated!
but the saddest part (very very sad of it, really) which i really wish to bang my head on the wall is that i didn't took much photos that day T.T and the photos i had with my camera was not nice though... luckily i still got some nice one from Max's camera and some other friends, but not too much too.
Especially with my best friends! how i would have let this happen??? damn sad when i saw others had took many nice photos with their friends....i never thought it would bother me so much but yes, it matters a lot to me now! :(
i was in a rush that day because i don't dare to let my family wait me for too long, so i just wanted to rush everything and get things done and leave.
this made me get so so sadddd for days and i kept thinking of it.....till now i still feel like this.
But its irreversible now, so i will be having regrets all the way throughout my life now.
I swear that i must not let this happen again next time!  if this happened on my wedding day i will be crying for it then.
My next wish list is to buy a good camera! really get disappointed with my lousy camera! :(:(